Experience plays an important role on the website.


With a cruise to different bounty islands or ‘just’ a cruise to the British islands. Everything is possible with AMCA.

AMCA asked us to develop several landingpages to increase their online reservations. With pleasure! The look and feel plays an important role on royalcaribbean.nl to give the visitor a sneak preview of the great journeys which AMCA offers. 

Atmosphere and experience

The target group of AMCA is looking for lovely holiday destinations to enjoy and relax. Experience plays therefore an important role on the website. To create the perfect website for AMCA we did some research on the target group of the different shipping companies. On basis of this research we developed persona’s to see what the visitors of amca.nl expect on the website. We made the destinations visual by photo’s and movies. Less texst and impressive visuals are typical for the landingpages of AMCA.