A new website for Addenda

Addenda asked us to realize a new website: a website that fits well with the appearance of the organization and shows directly what kind of organization Addenda is.

The high quality of the plants is one of the most important features of the plants of Addenda. Furthermore, the assortment keeps growing, but the quality always keep priority number one. These features can be seen in the design of the new website, among other things, through the use of a lot of pictures of high quality.

The consumer

The consumer is really important for Addenda. The consumer wants to get inspired. The website gives a lot of inspiration through a lot of pictures and a clear explanation of the assortment. Besides, there are a lot of concrete care tips for the Campanula and Hebe. Moreover, through the Google Maps map you are able to see where you can buy the Campanulas and Hebes.

Without growers no Addenda!

Besides the target group ‘consumers’, ‘growers’ are also very important to Addenda. Without growers no Addenda! The visibility of the added value of Addenda is of great importance for the growers. An example of the added value on the website is the large market which is visible at the page ‘sales points’. Furthermore, it is clear which growers are a part of Addenda. The growers are presented with a photo and their own website.