We have seen big changes in the plant industry


Normally E. den Dekker started their process when the grower delivered his product. We have changed this, deliveries are now placed in their daily stock and orders will be treated in an order that E. den Dekker can control themselves.

As soon as a trolley from a grower arrives, it will be placed in the daily stock area. In their system they can see that their dailystock slowly increases and each unique trolley is assigned to a specific location.


When there is enough product in stock for an ordered trolley, they start the delivery process of the order for this customer. In the system a trolley is configured based on the available products in stock. The system determinates on which height the different shelves of the trolley should be. The trolley configurator then gets the instruction to build the trolley based on the configuration produced by the system­ even without knowing what kind of product is going to be placed on it.

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More information?

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