A new website for Esperit

Due to the rapid growth of Esperit in recent years, the positioning of Esperit has changed. A new positioning means a new website. That’s why we have got, in cooperation with Danielle Hofstede of Diyou, realized a new website for Esperit.

Three business units

Esperit has three business units: Youngs, Plants and Elements. Esperit has it all: really young site, mature plants and plants which made ‘internal promotion’ and are a part of a beautiful arrangement.

Every business unit has its own customers and expertisements. On the main domain you can choose for one of the three business units. Every business unit has an own homepage, but of course, you can see that they are all Esperit family. Because every separate homepage is linked to the other homepages, customers from one business unit are introduced to the other two business units.

Endless possibilities

With the new website, Esperit wants to ensure that there are plenty of options available with their plants. That’s why we designed an inspiration page for Plants and Elements. Under Elements, complete arrangements are presented for big (international) retail chains. Besides, you are also for specific customer requirements at the right address at Elements.