The fastest way to the Horticultural sector

Hortivalley is the virtual start of the horticultural sector. This online platform does not only offer opportunities for a study or for a career. You can also find the latest news about the horticultural sector on this platform. The aim of Hortivalley is to give the visitors insights about the opportunities in the horticultural sector. But also to inform visitors about the latest developments in the horticultural sector.

Different focuses

HortiValley has four main areas where they focus on: Horti Today, Career & Educations, Business & Research and Events & Xperiences. Each of these areas offer specific information about that topic. The topic career & eduaction does not only shows studies which are related to the horticultural sector. You can also find courses, vacancies and internships on this page. To find the information where you're looking for as soon as possible, we have used filters like the level of education or for example a topic where you are interested in. At the topic Business & Research you can find all the companies which are related to the horticultural sector. In short, HortiValley is the fastest way to find information about the Horticultural sector. 

More information?

More information?

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