A strong online platform. Reliable and transparant.


Kapitaal op Maat is the crowdfundingplatform for entrepreneurs and investors. With Kapitaal op Maat investors are able to borrow money, in exchange for profit, from entrepreneurs.

The platform is fully responsive which means that visitors are able to easily invest by their mobile phone or tablet.

The crowfunding platform for entrepreneurs and investors.

A strong online platform was one of the most important wishes. Not only for investors but also for the entrepreneur himself. We have developed an accessible platform where entrepreneurs are able to show their innovative project. Investors can find information which they need to decide to invest in a project or not.

Transparant. Innovative.
Reliable. Easy.

Transparancy is one of the most important things for an online platform. With the right design we have tried to show trust. References have a central place on the website. Therefore investors and entrepreneurs are able to see how other investors and entrepreneurs experience the platform. We have also implemented a workflow module in the website. The workflow module allows Kapitaal op Maat to continuely keep their users up to date. If the status quo of a project has changed, the investor receives an e-mail and therefore he or she is able to react directly. 

Pay-off directly

Within the platform of Kapitaal op Maat it is possible to pay directly. Since Kapitaal op Maat is a BV and an establishment, the system needs to make a difference between transactions where you have to pay VAT and where you don’t have to pay VAT. Both types of transactions will be transported to the right group by two different iDEAL modules which are fully integrated in the platform.

More information?

More information?

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