Great perspectives in regard to quality

You can not start a new website without first identifying the audience. Opti-flor is known as a breeder of qualitative orchids. However, the old website did not directly emit this. In order to ensure that the new website matches the appearance of Opti-flor, we first charted the target group with the accompanying customer journey. Opti-flor is known as one of the best orchid suppliers in the florist industry. Master florist Stef Beckers indicates that the plants of Opti-flor are always super. "These orchids you can trust blindly." To focus attention on the quality of the orchids on the new Opti-flor website we have worked with a lot of visuals 

Look and feel

Opti-flor has spend a lot of time and energy into its appearance. An important part of this was the core value of Opti-flor: chic, tight and class. Together with Opti-flor we have tried to translate this into a whole new look and feel of the website by searching for good visuals, photography and content. On the new website, the main interest areas of the Optiflor target group both florists and consumers play an important role. For example, the new website is full of inspirational images, care tips, frequently asked questions and of course the beautiful collection of Opti-flor.

More information?

More information?

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