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An efficient and flexible solution in the fruit and vegetable sector to optimize their operational business processes.

  • Purchase and sales
  • Batch and load tracking
  • Production and planning

At the moment we are in full cooperation with Royal Flora Holland with the developments of Floriday. Floriday is the digital platform with which growers can manage their catalog, supply and orders. Growers can operate various trade channels with Floriday, including FloraXchange and FloraMondo.

  • One place for offers and supply management
  • Creating new sales opportunities
  • Solution for small orders

The communication platform for growers in the fruit and vegetable sector where you can process orders and stock in a fast way, plan transport and manage cultivation data. Where and whenever you want!

  • Processing orders and stock
  • Logistic processing of orders
  • Stock and production management

FreshBabel is our new, independent platform for the fresh produce sector that brings trade and communication together. With FreshBabel Messenger, users can interact by means of universal, digital messages about important business processes. With FreshBabel Supply, traders can order directly from each others’ assortment or stock via one, online platform.

  • Quick overview of assortment and stock positions
  • Access to multiple suppliers via just one online platform
  • No manual administration when registering purchase records

FloraXchange becomes the communication platform specific for exporters who directly do business with growers. Because of the connection with Floriday exporters get access to an extensive and reliable supply of pot and garden plants.

  • Insight in specific and extensive offers
  • Placing orders through requests
  • Connecting with own webshop

HortiHeat is the sales support tool especially for the floriculture sector, with which you can easily manage your network by sending professionally made campaigns, price lists and quotations.

  • Various sales functionalities
  • Your network everywhere with you
  • Link with FloraXchange

We develop solutions with which your production process or communication can be optimized, totally specified for your situation.

  • Especially made for you
  • Optimize your process
  • Increasing effectiveness

Quality control lies at the heart of the agricultural sector nowadays. FreshTracker enables companies to obtain and register quality information and take photo's of their goods at any time, at any location!

  • Create quality reports from anywhere
  • Photos connecting to inspection rapport
  • Inspection through your mobile phone
  • Visibility of quality control throughout the entire chain

Your website is part of your business card. That is why we believe that your website has to connect with your target group. We believe that you have to use multiple channels to reach your target group. Not just a website or a Facebook page, but next to each other and with each other. It has to reinforce and supplement each other, so you create added value.

Lumen is a content management system that allows websites to be filled inline. In this online platform, websites are built and realized and you can easily collaborate with experts.

  • Flat-file CMS, online code editor and hosting in one
  • Edit in place
  • Online platform and community
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More information?

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