Van Mierlo already exists more than 80 years

Van Mierlo

Van Mierlo already exists more than 80 years. They do not only build offices but real estate is also part of their job. The last couple of years they were focusing on new houses and offices but currently there is a shift to the renovation of buildings. Therefore the old website did not show the right impression. That's one of the reasons why van Mierlo decided to take a new website.


The different target groups of Van Mierlo are approached on the the same website. Therefore a clear website was obliged. On the homepage of Van Mierlo the four different displines plays an important role. Which results in the fact that the visitor can easily find the information where he is looking for. The different projects of van Mierlo plays also an important role on the new website. 


An image gives inspiration and shows possibilites. Therefore images plays an important role on the website of Van Mierlo. The website of Van Mierlo is interactive. All the projects of Van Mierlo are visible on Google Maps. The visitor on the website can make their own selection on the Google Maps card. So they can just select whether they would like to see a house which van Mierlo is preparing, already working on or projects which are finished. If they click on the project they can find more information about that specific project.

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More information?

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