A new name, identity and website

''WVH is the social housing company in Hoek van Holland with a heart for the Hoekse society. They provide good and affordable housing for people who want to live in Hoek van Holland. To realize a pleasant living environment WVH is working together with different partners.''

From this year, Woningbouwvereniging Hoek van Holland will continue under the name 'WVH'. Of course, a new name and identidy also fits a new website. JEM-id developed for WHV a new website where customer satisfaction was a very important goal. With the new website, visitors can now schedule any repair requests online.

Work easy with Lumen (CMS)

Visitors of the WVH website find a friendly and clear website that provides easy online facilities and information services.

WVH chose a functional and easy-to-use website. The website has to support the positioning. The website is one of the most important communication tools. This means that the website should be able to answer all questions of tenants without problems. There has been chosen to work with Lumen (CMS), where changes can easily be implemented and edit. The developed website may (in the future) be expanded to a portal.

More information?

More information?

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