World Horti Center

World Horti Center

Work, meet, search, study and visit ... Just some words that fit well with the new World Horti Center.

World Horti Center is the most important innovation center of the international greenhouse horticulture sector. In late August, the first students will start in the spectacular building and from October it will be open to (international) visitors.

We designed a new website that can be viewed on both computers and mobile phones.

Look and feel

The location includes the purpose of bringing people in contact, sharing knowledge and researching. In short, a leading center that innovates, connects, creates and inspires business, education and government together. Visitors will receive a clear overview of the possibilities of this location through the new website.

Of course, the look is focused on horticulture, innovation and knowledge, so you recognize the colors gray, blue and green. On the website you will find a video tour through the new location, upcoming events and of course opportunities for studies, research and innovation.

More information?

More information?

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