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I put on my slippers, make a cup of coffee and at 08:15 I turn on the PC. I greet my colleagues via Slack (our internal communication channel) and read back the latest unread messages, because I work from home today.
At 09:00 AM the digital 'Week start' begins; when possible, it is a physical meeting in our canteen with everyone from JEM-id, but it is currently online. Today I deliver the update from Floriday support and prepare it briefly. After I have asked my colleagues for input, the online meeting via Google Meet starts and I start to present. After the meeting, I open Monday, an online tool where we can plan and track our work. Just before the weekend, a grower called with a tough case to solve. I see that the solution has now been found and I call the grower with the good news. Grower happy, so I'm happy. :-)

After lunch I have the so-called frontline support service. In the afternoon, me and another colleague speak to the various growers and buyers by phone. Most calls can be dealt with immediately, but every now and then a question arises that needs further investigation. I will post the question in Monday so that one of my colleagues can look into it. Meanwhile, the phone rings again and before I know it it's 5:00 PM.


Every Tuesday I free up space to write FAQ articles. Each part of Floriday is explained in these articles. This way Floriday users can find help at any time, even when we are not at work. I see that the article only contains text, which does not completely explain the case. For that reason I'm making an animation that explains the function in greater detail. I paste the animation to the article and click on 'Publish'. Check, another article finished!
I then also start writing the article in English, because we have international users as well as Dutch users. Once I've finished the translation, I see it's time for the Retro. I start the online meeting and see the support heroes (my support colleagues) already waiting. We discuss what we have achieved in the past week and what we want to do (or change) for the coming week.

After lunch I can fully focus on the better research. Besides the questions from the users, I also answer the more technical questions. This allows me to really go in-depth and learn to understand Floriday even better!


I work at the office on Wednesdays. Although I also spend days at home, it is nice to see my colleagues in person. With sufficient distance (1,5 m) between the desks, we can still physically go to the office at scheduled days. After lunch we take a walk outside with colleagues, of course in shifts because of covid. A grower visit is planned this afternoon. At 2:00 pm I go along with a colleague to visit the greenhouse. It's not only fun, but also very educational! You notice that every user has a different way of working. By visiting different users, you'll find out different methods on how to implement Floriday!


Today we start the day with a digital stand-up. In addition to hearing how everyone is doing, we discuss what everyone did yesterday and what unusualities occurred, if any. In addition, the team members let you know what they planned to do today and what obstacles they might encounter. After the stand-up I immediately get to work with a list of to-do's that I have to research. I notice that I now know a lot more than when I first started, but there are still technical questions that I really need to dive into. If I really can't figure it out myself, I ask a colleague (via Monday) for help, for example a developer.

At home I eat a sandwich and take a walk to get some fresh air. In the afternoon I'm available for user questions by phone. I hope to be able to help growers immediately, so that they can get back to work happily. Creating fans is one of the main goals of JEM-id, so I do everything I can to contribute to this every day.


Today I am present at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer. This fair is held twice a year. We represent Floriday together with colleagues from different teams. I really enjoy meeting the different growers and buyers that you normally only talk to by phone or digitally. With a big bouquet, we head back to the office in Honselersdijk at 3 pm. After we parked at 4:00 PM and arrived back at the office, we see that the Friday afternoon drink is in full swing.

[from the new announcement, this is from home or at your workplace with 1,5 meters away, but we can't wait until we can all have a drink together in the 'Warehouse' (our canteen)].

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