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Linda is support engineer of FloraXchange and Floriday. Want to have a look at her working week? Read more!

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The new working week has begun! Around 8.00 AM I walk into the JEM-id office and grab a delicious, old-fashioned brewed coffee. Not all colleagues are in yet, so it's a quiet start to the day. A unique moment at JEM-id! That is different an hour later; then most colleagues are behind their desk and the telephone also wakes up from its 'weekend sleep'.

After taking the first sip of my coffee, I check the chat messages and emails that have come in. Then the phone rings. A grower needs help creating an account for Floriday. With a remote desktop I watch the steps that the grower goes through and make sure that he is connected to Floriday in no time. I briefly tell him the possibilities within the platform and when the grower is satisfied and has no more questions, we end the conversation. Yes, I made someone happy again!


There is a stand-up every Tuesday at 9:00 AM. During this short session, everyone in the team briefly explains what his or her activities are for this week, and whether there are any important announcements that should be kept in mind. Very useful, because you immediately know who is where and what is currently going on.

At noon we eat with all colleagues in the 'warehouse' with a delicious boiled egg sandwich! Fortunately, we are not really in a chilly warehouse, but in a cozy canteen where we all eat a sandwich. At JEM-id we have given our meeting rooms, and therefore also our canteen, nice names. We have an aquarium, fishbowl, coffee corner and a terrace! After lunch we go outside for a breath of fresh air and on to the afternoon.


You never know how your day will go; sometimes it's very busy on the phone and you work with the team to help all customers the best you can. You cannot perform this job alone. You really do this together with your team, which also makes the work a lot of fun!

Another question from a grower, but where do I know that name from.. Oh yes, this grower has been nominated for the Horticultural Entrepreneur Award. That is worth congratulating!

I am a member of two teams, FloraXchange and Floriday. Both products are for the floriculture industry, only Floriday is mainly for the growers and FloraXchange is for the exporters. Because of this I have contact with a diverse group of people!


Once arrived at the FloraXchange department, my colleague Jeroen is already waiting with a steaming cup of tea. I see it as a challenge to solve all questions in the support box as best as possible. Completely in the flow I am finishing the emails at a rapid pace until I come across an email from the grower I spoke to yesterday. He wanted to thank me again for helping him so well. He also added a screenshot of the successful order in the email, great!

After lunch I immediately dive into our 'cinema' to give a workshop about Floriday to a full room of people. The visitors are all already familiar with the system, but would like to get the most out of the application. I am well prepared and make sure that the participants go home without questions.


Yesterday I gave a presentation in our own cinema, today I am on the road to give a demo about Floriday at a customer's location. In the bright purple Floriday car I drive to a grower in Bleiswijk. Once I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by a customer I spoke to on the phone several times. We have a nice chat and I already show him a number of Floriday functionalities. After we both have finished our coffee, we walk to the conference room where I give the presentation about Floriday.

Once back at the office, I immediately check the support box. It has already filled up nicely and I immediately dive into a question from a Floriday user. This just doesn't seem so easy to solve. After a short conversation on the phone, I know exactly what to look for and I focus completely on the problem.

The weekend starts for me at half past one, because I am always free on Friday afternoon. It's great that it is also possible to work part-time at JEM-id. Cheers to a successful week!

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