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“Our mission is to maintain the global pioneering role of the Dutch horticultural sector, through smart software and IT solutions.”

We do this by continuously developing the most innovative software for the fresh produce and floriculture industry. The main goal is to create connections for both industries. Thus,  we not only connect clients on a technical level, but we also look for the connection in the relationship and with each other as a team. Close cooperation with our clients is very important to us because it allows us to clearly understand business processes. This allows us to offer unique solutions that really matter. That's the power of jem-id.

We are a diverse, close group of people and there is a shared drive that connects us. There is a ‘Westland mentality’ within the teams. We help each other finish the job and will continuously want to improve in order to be one step ahead of the competition. This wraps up why we can proudly call ourselves 'leaders in digital innovation'.

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New corporate identity

The ongoing trends of upscaling, among other things, ensure that companies in the industry continue to grow and/or specialize. This means that methods and processes will change. From this position we develop our products that will provide added value in the future, not just within one company, but for the entire chain. These trends were the reason for a new corporate identity in which the 'connection' that we create within the chain, plays a bigger role.

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Renewed IT landscape Looye Kwekers

Recently, Looye Kwekers, in collaboration with jem-id, Nitea and other software partners, has completed a successful process for the renewal of the IT landscape. The starting point is to create 'flexibility' as part of the new landscape to be realized. Systems must be able to link well with each other, though not be dependent on each other.

Digitization takes off

GreenCommerce Apps

The fresh produce industry is constantly changing. We are seeing more and more innovations around us. One slightly better than the other, but all with one goal in mind: to lift the fresh produce industry to a higher level. In conversation with Martijn van Andel, one of the founders of jem-id, we find out which trends in the field of digitization we should keep an eye on.


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