Privacy Policy jem-id

This page was last modified on 31-01-2023.

We see it as our responsibility to protect your privacy. We have set up this page to let you know what information we collect when you use our website and why we collect this information. 

This privacy policy applies to the services of jem-id. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites and sources. You can contact us about your privacy on our website, but unfortunately we can no longer help you with this when you go to another website. By using our website you indicate that you accept our privacy policy.

We respect the privacy of all users of our site, which is why we ensure that personal information that comes to us is treated confidentially.

Use of our services
If you sign up for one of our services, we ask for personal data. This way we keep the contact personal and we can address you with your first name instead of 'Dear Sir/Madam'. Information that we request is used to perform the service. We do not share this information with other parties. The data is neatly stored on the secure servers of jem-id, they remain here, unless you indicate that you want to delete the data.

When you send us a message, e-mail, whatsapp or something similar, we may save these messages. Sometimes we ask for personal information so that we can communicate with each other personally. For example, think of an address when we visit you. We ask for data when it can improve our services.

For our cookie policy, we would like to refer you to the following page: Cookie policy jem-id. In addition, we use analytical cookies (in the form of Google Analytics) to keep track of the statistics on our website. We do this so that we can make our website even more user-friendly.

We do not collect or use information for purposes other than the purposes described in this privacy policy unless we have obtained your prior consent.

Third parties
The information will not be shared with third parties. As mentioned before, others have nothing to do with your data and they will not receive it from us. It may happen that another colleague takes over contact with you, in such a case we will pass on your name to this colleague so that he or she knows who needs help.

This page is tailored to the use and possibilities of this website. If something changes on the site, it is possible that something will also be adjusted on this page. That's why you could check regularly.

Personal Information Choices
We offer everyone the opportunity to view, change or delete all personal information that you have sent to us. So if you find it annoying that we send you a personal congratulations on your birthday, ask us to remove your date of birth from our system.

Adjust/unsubscribe service newsletter
At the bottom of every mailing you have the option to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our messages.

Adjust/unsubscribe communication
If you want to have data changed, view it or want to remove yourself completely from our database, you can always email or call us via the information at the bottom of this page. This also applies if you want to object to the processing of your data by us.

Apply to jem-id
When you apply for a job at jem-id, we also deal with your personal data. We will of course handle this properly. When you are hired, your data will be stored and used for necessary purposes such as your contract. If you are not hired, we also store your data. Who knows, your contact details may come in handy for a new position, for example. If you do not want your data to be stored and that we delete this data, you can contact us.

Questions and feedback
We regularly check whether we comply with this privacy policy. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us:

Grote Waard 80
2675 RZ Honselersdijk
+31 (0)174 - 642622