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Products to be proud of

Floriday: the digital platform for the floriculture industry

Floriday is the digital platform for the floriculture industry. With Floriday we offer one central place where growers and buyers can easily handle their commercial and logistics processes. With Floriday we make the floriculture industry more accessible and simpler by offering one open platform where growers, buyers, service providers (such as commercial agents and transporters) and software suppliers come together.

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GreenCommerce: Software developed for and by fresh produce specialists

In GreenCommerce you can quickly process your orders, manage stocks, control production and plan transport. In addition, easily connect your favorite tools, financial packages and transporter applications to GreenCommerce to create the ideal workflow.

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HortiHeat: the marketing tool for the floriculture industry

HortiHeat is accessible to the entire floriculture industry through the connection to Floriday. HortiHeat allows growers to promote and sell their products quickly and easily. Create order lists for your customers on which you can order directly digitally. Create quotes at lightning speed and send email campaigns. Sales in an instant.

products to be proud of

GreenXchange: Control over all your cultivation activities

The platform for growers where you can quickly process orders and stock, arrange transport and manage cultivation data. Because GreenXchange is linked with GreenCommerce, it is very suitable for growers' associations that take care of sales for growers. With the link, you as a sales organization can communicate seamlessly with your affiliated growers and immediately see the processed results.

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FreshBabel: The digital link between fruit and vegetable software systems

With FreshBabel Messenger you can automatically process and send messages about orders, shipments, invoices, logistics, etc.

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