How we work

Philosophy of jem-id

How we work?

We help customers take advantage in a rapidly changing world, in the form of quality, efficiency, innovation and sustainability. We do this by working closely with customers and involving them by organizing ideation sessions, for example.
With this we offer solutions that really matter. 

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careers at jem-id
Team work

From ideation to innovation

Watch, listen and experience for yourself. In this way we understand processes together with our customers and we get to the core of a problem. No slick Powerpoints and extensive conversation reports, but experiment, validate and innovate.

our way of working


Flexibility plays a major role in everything we do. A nice concept to keep in mind when making a decision. Does this make us Agile?

no hierarchy

Autonomous teams

No department teams, but product teams with different disciplines put together that are also autonomous. No one is the same, talents differ. All the more reason to learn from each other and work together!

Multidisciplinary teams


In a period of 4 weeks we deliver a working product, we call this a 'sprint'. During this period we work exclusively on certain projects, without disruption of other ad hoc projects. This allows us to maintain maximum flexibility and speed in our work.

Horizontal organizational structure

jem-id employs experts who can handle their responsibilities. Employees are given the freedom that they can fill in professionally themselves.