Quality control is getting more and more important


Quality control is getting more and more important in the agri - and horticultural sector. Not only because of the increasing customer demands but also because of the strict food safety regulations.

Using FreshTracker you are able to obtain information about your goods, create quality reports on-the-go by filling predefined templates, and add photos using your phone, smartcamera or tablet! Your quality control registration processes have never been this easy! 

In addition, it is possibile to integrate your FreshTracker's quality control data into your own software system using our API. 


Quality control

The FreshTracker app allows users to easily create quality reports while you're physically inspecting the goods. Users can define standard templates per type of product that can then easily be filled using the app. While you're at it, add photo's immediately and have them synced with your reports.

Using the webportal users can access the quality reports they've created and see the photo's that were taken. Using a predefined or tailored report it is possible to e-mail the quality reports including photo's or to have them sync to your own software systems!

Core Features

FreshTracker's core features:

  • Creating quality reports on the fly while you're physically inspecting the goods. 
  • Directly attach pictures to the report you've just created.
  • Creating quality reports that are visible in the whole chain.
  • Creating product-specific templates for the App.
  • Request pallet information by scanning or by entering a barcode.
  • Sync the data and access it via a webportal.