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HortiHeat is accessible to the entire floriculture industry through the connection to Floriday. HortiHeat allows growers to promote and sell their products quickly and easily. Create order lists for your customers on which you can order directly digitally. Create quotes at lightning speed and send email campaigns. In short: sales in an instant.

Promote and sell your products fast

HortiHeat offers marketing tools with which growers can keep their network warm. As a grower, you can currently send professionally prepared order lists to your customers with the HortiHeat app, instead of the well-known Excel lists. With the order lists you can easily sell your created batches in Floriday. Buyers can order directly on this order list, so the ordered quantities are immediately deducted from your stock in Floriday. So you never sell more than you have in stock! In addition, the orders are visibly reflected in Floriday, which is convenient for your overview.

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