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It's Monday again, the start of a new week. I bike to work in the morning; it's a 15 minute ride for me on the bike and I'm there. I arrive around a quarter past eight, nice and on time, because most people don't arrive until around eight thirty. You must be present at 9 o'clock, because then we'll start with the stand-ups.

At 9 o'clock we are complete as a team and we do the stand-up. We discuss what we did last week and what we are going to do today so that everyone is up to date and on the same page.

I am planning to develop a new .CORE API for Floriday. I'm making a good start here. Later I planned a meeting with a colleague, where we discussed a new functionality in HortiHeat. Fortunately, we are generally on the same page and I will schedule myself some time on Thursday to work on this.


Arriving at my desk, I set it to a standing position (ideal electric desks, you can switch between standing and sitting all day). I first check the messages that have arrived in my Slack (internal chat program). A few minor mistakes from a service, nothing to worry about, so I can continue my preparations for the sprint. A new sprint period will start next week. At jem-id we work with sprints of 3 weeks in which we do a project via the scrum method. Then we have a week 'gap week' in which we can demo the sprint and prepare for the next week.

I myself will be in a sprint with team HortiHeat in the coming period. They are busy putting a new pilot live. Always a fun phase to get involved in. How cool is it to show and adjust new features so that it is fully prepared for the general public. We then schedule an 'Ideation session' with customers to find out whether what we are making will actually work for them. We also find out what works and what doesn't.

I am also working on a project for the client: Waterdrinker. They just went live with a new platform. I am developing this project and now also helping with the go-live, but I am also already working on the next sprints and developments. Super cool to run a complete project from start to finish. I also have a lot of customer contact with this project. It is very nice to have short lines with the customer when you make a product that improves a business process for them.


After the stand-up I walk to the support & project coordination department. They have telephones here and we don't have them at the software department. This way we are less disturbed in our department and we can work more focused. I grab a desk, take over my own PC and call someone from Waterdrinker to discuss something for the next sprint.

After I have called, I walk back to my own familiar spot in the software department and start working on a new functionality in Waterdrinker. Piece of back-end programming in .NET CORE and a small adjustment on the web client side, a ReactJs application. This is finished around noon and I immediately put it live with the push of a button.


I start the morning by further developing the .CORE API for Floriday. We can do that next sprint period too, so I now know exactly how to tackle it next time. In between I get an email with a research job that I'm still busy with. Perfect job to do in between projects. Next week I can develop in full focus for another week, always nice.

At noon I score a hard-boiled egg and enjoy a fresh sandwich with my colleagues. Fortunately, there is enough food on the table so that I don't have to be hungry 😉

In the afternoon I continue programming for a new functionality in HortiHeat.


My 'bug' day! Every programmer works in the support department one day a week, to provide support as second-line support. Here I quickly check a code to see why something went wrong and then I solve a number of incidents (disruptions/improvements) of the upcoming release of GreenCommerce.

Then it's time for lunch. Normally we have a sandwich but today it's Friday and so there's a snack! Croquette is always included.

After the snack it is still time for an I/O session.Here a demo or presentation is given about something we use or have made within jem-id. In this way we keep each other informed and we try to inspire each other to make new things. Continuing to innovate and remain enthusiastic is of course super important.

At 4 o'clock it is the traditional Beer Hour and the employee who was the last to enter the jem-id team comes by with beer (and radler, jillz and soda). I finish my work and go to the canteen around 4:30 PM. There I have a beer and talk to some colleagues about the weekend.

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