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At half past seven I slide behind my PC at my home workplace; we are still in the middle of the corona pandemic, which means that we largely work from home. As a Functional Administrator, I start once a week a little earlier than many of my colleagues to answer the phone and be ready for early support. A nice way to start the day when the Slack is still completely empty and you can fully immerse yourself in a research job.

After the digital stand-up I dive into some test work. A new development has been done and before it goes to the customer it needs to be tested. The developer has already checked technically whether everything works, it is up to me to check functionally whether it also works as intended. I also deliberately let things go wrong to test the unexpected situations.

After testing, I have an appointment with Berry. A supermarket of one of our customers has requested changes to GreenCommerce's SSCC label. An SSCC label is a sticker that is placed on a pallet with vegetables or fruit, which contains barcodes with information about the items on the pallet. Together we look at what is possible in GreenCommerce and where new developments may need to be made.


At 9 o'clock it's time for the digital stand-up. Here I tell that I can update a number of customers to a new GreenCommerce release. I start by mapping out developments that may be of interest to these customers, so that I can inform them in advance about the possibilities.

Then I sit with Jill from marketing to think about a possible Christmas promotion for the users of GreenCommerce. We have some nice ideas that we can certainly move forward with!

In the afternoon I continue with the test work of a development and again pay attention to the telephone and incoming e-mail.


In the morning I discuss an email from a customer with my colleague. Something is not quite right in the software when importing an Excel file. After I've looked into it for a while and found the problem, I'll create an incident for a developer. Then I make the customer happy by telling them that the problem will be solved.

After lunch I check an email from a customer. He has a problem with the printer settings and has asked me for help. I give him a call and explain to him which settings he needs to change. He is glad I could help him so quickly and we say goodbye. I'll keep an eye on the phone and support box and start answering some questions.

At the end of the afternoon I will continue with the customer profile of one of our customers. Because we have quite a few GreenCommerce customers, it remains difficult to stay well informed about the different working methods. In order to gain more clarity on this, I describe the most important settings and working methods of the customer in the profile.


This morning I have support service. I get a call from a customer who keeps getting an error message when entering an order. I help the man directly by looking into the system with him via ISL online. I know how to change a few settings and within a few minutes I have the customer back on track. He gives me a virtual pat on the back and I send him another email with extra explanation so that he can look at it again later.

In the afternoon I sit with a developer to discuss the test results of the developments I have tested before. After that, we have a digital explanation with the team about our new Azure environment. Many of our services run online in Azure. So it is important to stay well informed on how everything works.

At the end of the day we close with a digital retro session. We do the retro once a month, at the end of the sprint. We discuss with the whole team how the past few weeks have gone and where we see improvements.


On Friday morning we have the planning meeting and discuss new customer wishes with the team. That way everyone is aware of what's going on. During this meeting, current affairs are also mentioned and action points are made for the coming week. A full agenda is waiting for me on Monday!

At the end of the afternoon I check the support box and when I see that it has been neatly updated, I end my work with a good feeling to have a digital drink with my colleagues. I toast to a successful week!

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